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Welcome to Auld Tech

I’d like to personally welcome you to Auld Technologies, where we lead with service and creativity. 

For the sake of full transparency, our passion isn’t in product identification branding and manufacturing, although that is our expertise. Where our passion truly lies is in serving people and serving them well. It’s in recognizing a need and creating an innovative solution that will positively impact our customers and their businesses. We don’t simply seek to be a leader in our industry, but rather a leader in service excellence.

If there is one thing to know about us, it’s that our core values – precision, authenticity, commitment, and dependability - are at the foundation of everything we do here, from the way we nurture our employees, our commitment to our customers, to the role we play in our community. 

While our products and technology have advanced and evolved since Auld was first established, there’s one thing our customers can count on to remain unchanged, and that’s our dedication to unmatched quality and service. It is my promise to you that we will continue to carry on the unparalleled Auld legacy that began over 150 years ago.

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Lean on our expertise to build your brand and grow your business.


The original Auld company was founded in 1870 by Demas Auld, a custom jewelry manufacturer.


By the early 1900s, Demas had established partnerships with the first automobile companies to start producing decorative enamel nameplate emblems for the new horse-less carriages.


By the 1920s, the Auld company was producing 80% of nameplates for the auto industry.


By mid century around the 1940s, the company retooled for the war effort and began producing distinguished service medals and decoy airplanes.


The first polyurethane domed part was developed. Over the next two decades, our company continued to innovate and improve its domed parts and products.


In its centennial year and in the 1970s, the company introduced VITROLUX which offers extreme durability for domed parts and labels.


The Auld company is purchased and renamed to Auld Technologies, LLC.


Today, Auld Technologies offers unique decorative products including: trim, dome emblems, overlays, coatings, badges, buttons and decorative labels. We supply a variety of markets such as automotive, consumer electronics, plumbing, sporting goods, medical and more.

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Auld Technologies is committed to providing our company the highest quality domed labels from durability testing to accurate color matching. We trust the skilled team at Auld to help brand our company’s products sold to customers worldwide. This valued partnership has served our company well, and we look forward to continued opportunities to grow our business with Auld in the future.

Sam E., Automotive Aftermarket

I have been buying from Auld for years and would definitely call them a top rated supplier. Their high-quality customer service, competitive pricing and on time delivery are what makes them stand out from the rest. Auld is nothing short of excellent in my book!

Christine R., Automotive Aftermarket

Auld provides exceptional service and is very accommodating to running changes and tight timelines. The organization is top class from facility cleanliness to quality tests to the final product. It’s been a pleasure doing business with Auld for our domed emblems and functional label needs!

Brian O., Household Appliances

Working with Auld is such a pleasure! The team is always available for questions, ideas and feedback. If you’re looking for a customer-minded company to fulfill your domed emblem, labeling, and printing needs, look no further. You’ve found the right one!

Caleb D., Truck Accessories