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what is polyurethane

What is Polyurethane and How Does It Help Me?

Polyurethane is a combination of two different types of liquids. It is typically isocyanates and polyols. Sometimes other types of material can be added to change the overall end result of the chemical. It is typically used in manufacturing for the plastic, printing, adhesive, and automotive industry. Here at Auld it is the only chemical we use to dome our emblems.

While there are other chemicals out there to dome emblems, such as epoxy resin, to achieve the best results, polyurethane is the best path to take. Domed emblems made from epoxy resin tend to yellow and shrink over time. While polyurethane is a more permanent solution than its alternatives. After it cures it becomes self-healing to many minor cuts it may get. It also is resistant to ultraviolet light and will not discolor over time, as well as, having long lasting resiliency to the elements. If you are looking for a unique and durable way to enhance your project, domed emblems will be the solution to your problem.

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