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Problem – Operators were having some difficulties in applying their decal. Specifically, they were having trouble with the decal not completely laying flat on the surface. They noticed a lot of air bubbles in the decal after applying, and it was difficult to “press out” air bubbles in the decal.

Solution – ARE contacted Auld with their concerns. Auld was able to partner with 3M to provide a material that would be able to combat their problems. The material came with a structured adhesive, which with its “honeycomb” like properties, works to allow application without experiencing any bubbling in decal.

Results – The operators at ARE were jumping with joy after implementation of the new material with structured adhesive. It increased efficiency in the labor process, and significantly reduced and eliminated the bubbling that they were previously experiencing. Reduced application time by several seconds, ultimately providing savings.

Summary – Switching to a structured adhesive helped reduced costs in eliminating SKUS of buying rapid tack, alcohol wipes, and application tools.

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